Using HTTPHOTOS for the NOOK

Download htttphotos from LINK HERE

Tinker with it for a while to see which type of album you like best.

After you create your album(s), you'll get a main index page and albums. Drag all the folders and index.html to your nook (Maybe in a new folder called PIX). Also drag httphotos.gif... this is the httpphotos logo. you can modify it as I have done to show my logo. DO NOT DRAG THE *.htt files as they are the config files for each album.:


Click on any Album

You'll get a thumbnail view (one of several types available)

Select any photo by tapping.

You'll then get a full size view with scroll arrows.

Give it a try.

It does not use the internet, but the BROWSER needs to think it can, so leave wireless on.